Energy Management Systems (EMS)

ISO 50001

ISO 50001 is a voluntary International Standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to provide organizations an internationally recognized framework to manage and improve their energy performance. The standard addresses the following:

  • Energy use and consumption
  • Measurement, documentation, and reporting of energy use and consumption
  • Design and procurement practices for energy-using equipment, systems, and processes
  • Development of an energy management plan and other factors affecting energy performance that can be monitored and influenced by the organization
  • ISO 50001 does require continual energy performance improvement but it does not include prescriptive energy performance improvement goals. Rather, it provides a framework through which each organization can set and pursue its own goals for improving energy performance.

Benefits of ISO 50001

  • Reduce environmental impact
  • Create transparency on how energy resources are Managed
  • Be able to identify future projects that will integrate into your new structure
  • Promote energy efficiency throughout your organization
  • Establish positive external relations and public image
  • Raise awareness and create greater employee stewardship
  • Reduced operational and overhead costs lead to increased profitability
  • Reduced air emissions, such as GHGs
  • Increased assurance of legal, internal compliance
  • Increased understanding of energy use
  • consumption via defined methods, processes of data collection