Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS))

ISO 45001:2018

OHSAS is an international standard specifying requirements to improve the safety and health of your employees by identifying and reducing the risks in your processes that can lead to injury. Beyond this simple idea, it is good to highlight that there are other benefits, as outlined above, that can not only benefit your workers, but also improve the bottom line of your company by focusing on long-term advantages.

What are the benefits of having an OHSAS?

Legal requirements complied : ISO implementation helps organization maintaining legal requirements related to workers health & safety at their work places.   

Credibility and image of the company improves: As the certification ensures the workers health & safety, it helps in improving credibility and image over the cutomers of the organization. 

Reduce employee turnover: It further reduces employees turnover as the confidence of the employees increases with the guarantee of health and safety so they would like to stay with the company for long times ultimately indirect profit to the organizations.


Health and safety process improvement: Continual improvement is an integral part of OHSAS , and this can be used to help your organization make improvements and enhancements in your organizational processes. By involving your people in process improvements, you can find savings not only in health & safety, but also in the time and resources needed to do the work.