• TCCPL is committed to provide best Management System Certification Services to the definitive customer satisfaction.
  • The Management System of TCCPL is Established, Maintained in accordance with the requirements of the Accreditation Board and to meet all Statutory & Regulatory Requirements without compromising with impartiality

Impartiality Policy of TCCPL:

To Show effective Implementation of impartiality policy, TCCPL shall not provide and allow the Following:

  • Consultancy services for realization, continuity and sustenance of certification.
  • Services for designing, implementing or maintaining a management system.
  • All Personnel working for TCCPL shall not deal with management Consultancy.
  • TCCPL shall not allow any consultancy organization to market or offer the activities of TCCPL.
  • TCCPL shall not state or imply that certification would be simpler, easier, faster or less expensive.
  • TCCPL shall not promote or encourage any consultancy firm, but at request may give list of consultants (minimum 2) if available; with no interference in client decision while choosing the consultant.
  • TCCPL, its employees & Auditors shall not participate in decision process of management system issues of the client.
  • TCCPL, its employees & Auditors shall not participate in preparation and procurement of manuals, guides and procedures of any client who intent to be or have been certified by TCCPL.
  • TCCPL shall not provide specific and detailed advice or training on design, implementation and maintenance of management systems subject to certification.
  • There shall be no pressure of any kind (financial, trade, administrative, moral or other) over TCCPL and the personnel regarding the execution of their obligations as a management certification services according to ISO 17021, ISO 22003, ISO 27006 or any other accreditation requirement.
  • TCCPL will not certify any management system, where it has provided internal audit during the last 2 years.